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boudoir photography, the art of sensuality, Colette Oswald Photography

The Art of Sensuality

Today's woman is confident, courageous, intelligent, intimate, and beautiful. While she may know this, unfortunately, she may not feel it. Colette empowers the will to feel at home in one's skin. While uncovering inner wisdom and exposing sensuality, Colette is able to create arresting and exquisite fine art images.


Coco Boudoir was born from the desire to collaborate the creation of powerfully seductive, personal portraits. Inherently passionate about photography from an early age, Colette possesses an ability to put her subject at ease almost instantaneously.


"I encourage my subjects to become physically and emotionally engaged in the collaboration, in the process, in the experience".

Colette Oswald Photography serves all of South Jersey, Philadelphia,  NJ beach communities, Delaware, New York and beyond.




the art of sensuality, boudoir photography, Colette Oswald Photography
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